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  • 感謝mojo提供這樣小而美的展覽空間。準備打烊了。
    Many thanks for mojo team for this lovely exhibition space.
  • 入口牆上是簡單的引言。看到了嗎?小兵代表Daniel敬禮謝謝各位。
    Near the entrance is my foreword for the show. The little soldier welcomes each of you.
  • © 2006 by silvermoon / all rights reserved
    My exhibition in Mojocoffee, Taichung.

    My Works in mojo*


  • 展期延長至九月七日。

    *: Mojocoffee was opened about threee years ago on a busy street of Taichung. In addition to fine coffee & tea, there are books, exhibitions, internet access, and even live music show during weekends, all that makes it a favourite for many.