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konica tc-x, 50mm & 35-70mm hexanon, kodak supra 400
scan from 4x6 prints with epson 2450
media: 135 colour film photography

The spring has come. Looking around I see flowers in bloom and new leaves burst. Being so attracted to the glowing colours of the season, I even tried a couple of “intentional blur” shots this time. I’m happy with the outcome. Seems full of potential for further experiments.

Also there’re some photos taken in my friend’s flat. We used to go to the same class and she’s one of the few classmates staying in touch. Currently she’s a graduate school student. Talented in design as well as living. “Where’re photos of her?” Well I managed to get a few interior pics with my f/1.7 lens, but not pics of her. Never mind, she made herb tea and cakes for our afternoon tea gathering,so I got busy eating & drinking!

This time I walked with my Konica. All photos were taken with the 50mm lens, except for the last 2, which were shot with my 35-70mm Hexanon lens. This zoom lens was the one I bought new along with my TC-X. It’s taken all the abuses and paid its price—now the focus ring is loose and there’re fungus in the elements. Wish I had better knowledge in storing these delicate stuff. Anyway, it’s still working. The photos from it don’t seem as sharp or saturated as that from the 50mm, but it has the advantage of focusing down to 30 cm, besides a flexible zoom range.

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