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在布拉格買的美麗郵票, 紀念十九世紀捷克畫家Ludek Marold. 儘管是90年代出品, 看起來卻古意盎然. Kc(克朗)是捷克貨幣單位, 和新台幣的幣值很接近.

"PARIZANKA 1897" at the bottom right of the portrait seems to indicate the location painted is Paris ...and the date is only 1 year before the artist's death...a work in the late stage of his life...but anyway he only lived 33 yrs...huh. It's a small treasure that has a lot to tell.

回到英國這個主題。這次秀的是BT電話卡. British Telecom是一家百年老 店,很會做生意,不但通話費奇高,還時常和大公司合作,發行廣告性質的電話卡。

1995年(就是SilverMoon離鄉背景,隻身赴英的那一年...)開始推行附有micro chip的ICcard,品質&質感俱佳。而這一張卡,由於成功的graphic design+101忠狗的電影主題,顯得特別賞心悅目,遠勝一般同類(中?電信$#&%..)。況且上頭已經聲明是"special edition",也就是說: TREASURE啦! ^_^

BT, est. over a century ago, knows how to make good money. It sets up high rate for communication(try it and you'll see!), and its phone cards offer medium to companies such as Disney. Anyway, this card stands out with its fine graphic design & hit movie theme. As a special edition, it is certainly a treasure to keep.



坐火車旅行,總有一種說不出的,老電影式的愜意, 最適合我這種不耐勞頓的人。我喜歡挑有桌子的座位,買些點心和茶,慢慢享用,寫寫postcard,任憑風景自身畔如記憶的殘影流逝。老實說,有好幾次,到站了卻不想下車呢...


When was your last trip by train?

The train ticket, with stamped date, starting point & destination, is a perfect souvenir for one's trip.

Travel by train gives a subtle, easy atmosphere somewhat "old-movie-like", which perticularly suits me--a man who always gives in to comfort even when backpacking. I like to find a seat with a table, get some tea & biscuits, write some post cards, when the landscape passes by like the river of my flickering memory.

"Life should be wasted on nice things", as a quote occurs to me.

這皮製的書籤購自Oxford street上的紀念品店。

倫敦無疑是英國最具代表性的都市,數不清的名勝,古蹟,博物館,提醒觀光客昔日帝國的光榮。而最能代表London的icon又是甚麼呢? 這裡提供了一些答案。

London is undoubtedly the representative city of England. Hundreds of museums and historical sites keep reminding visitors of the British Empire's glory. And what could well represent The City of London? Here are images of some possible answers.